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My music journey

Mezzo Soprano

My photography, Travelling blog

I'm a vocalist, my enthusiasm and voice have led me to the worlds of music and theatre. I'm also an amateur photographer who enjoys travelling. In my blog, I'd like to share my music, photography, and travel experiences.

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Can’t help falling in love - Voca Voce


Behind the Scenes With Lim Chai Lin

Music is the Journey

As a music professional based in Malaysia, I'm always looking for opportunities to work with others and promote the music I created! I'm here to help in vocal, theatre performances and musical broadway!

Come and join me today!

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival"Moonlight in the city" 中秋节快乐 “城里的月光”

Singer : Lim Chai Lin & Ling Goh 

Voice record : Lim Chai Lin, Videography : Lim Chai Lin, Music rearrange : Lim Chai Lin, Editing/mixing : Lim Chai Lin

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