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Scenery in Georgetown, Penang

Some mural arts, places and attraction points in Georgetown, Penang Malaysia. Ever since world pandemic, these places are empty, no more happening.

Photos are taken in month of September 2021 , as my own collection during this COVID-19 time.

  1. SIster Brother on bicycle at Armenian Street and also some scene along the street.

  2. Children on a swing is located down a small side street just off of Gat Lebuh Chulia.

  3. Directly opposite on the other side of Gat Lebuh Chulia you will find this painting of Children Playing Basketball.

  4. Siblings peeping out of the window to get a hold of the dim sum from their parent’s bicycle at Armenian street a block away from Clan Chew Jetty.

  5. Boy on a bike at Ah Quee Street.

  6. Boy on chair from the wall at Cannon Street.

  7. Lebuh Acheh Mosque at Lebuh Acheh.

The rest are street photos when I walked along Georgetown.

Below youtube video are photos combined from above. Feel free to like, subscribe my channel and share. Thanks .

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